How to add power to your Facebook business page

Is your business dabbling with Facebook? Used correctly it can be a seriously handy way to interact with your customers and build a community around your brand. But mere dabbling isn’t enough to get you the results you crave. Facebook is a well oiled social media machine, so you need to be smart about how […]

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19 FEB 2017 Lisa Preston

Top tips for getting your business started on Twitter

Twitter is an excellent platform for businesses to launch their social media presence. It can help raise your profile, win new customers and connect with your target audience. But with around 6,000 tweets being sent every second of the day it’s important to make yours stand out. We’ve already shared how to create an effective […]

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05 FEB 2017 Lisa Preston

6 killer reasons why your business should enter awards

Awards are an important PR tool for businesses. Being nominated and, fingers crossed, winning industry awards can do wonders for your reputation. Here’s a breakdown of why your business should enter awards: Raise your profile Entering awards gives you the perfect opportunity to shine a light on your achievements. Being shortlisted and winning are great stories […]

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19 JAN 2017 Lisa Preston

How to create a content marketing calendar

Business promotion used to be simple. You had a product. You put it in front of your potential customers and told them it was great. They bought it and hopefully came back for more. Today, this kind of ‘who shouts loudest wins’ approach to marketing is not how it works. Firstly, there’s a lot of […]

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05 JAN 2017 Lisa Preston

5 super easy steps to skyrocket your PR

How did you do last year? What are your business goals going forwards? Every business wants to grow year-on-year, so do your PR and marketing plans need a boost? The key to upping your PR game is to constantly refresh your strategy to find the best ways to reach more customers. Here are some super […]

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12 DEC 2016 Lisa Preston

Why you should use content marketing to amplify your brand

Content marketing isn’t a new phenomenon, it has been around for awhile but most of the time you don’t consider it to be marketing. Think about that really useful guide about choosing a holiday – look closely and you’ll see it was published by Expedia; another example are those really easy to follow free recipes […]

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30 NOV 2016 Lisa Preston

How to supercharge your Twitter business profile

Twitter is a highly effective social media channel for increasing brand awareness and sales. It’s also a very useful tool for listening to your target audience and understanding your customer base. To help achieve your objectives, you need a business profile that reads well, looks great and can be found easily in Twitter and Google […]

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21 NOV 2016 Lisa Preston

6 rules for writing brilliant business blog posts

Making sure your business website is engaging and updated regularly is key to driving online enquiries and boosting your Google rankings. But if your product range or services don’t change that often, how can you keep tempting customers back to your website? Writing business blog posts is the answer. So, what makes a brilliant business […]

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20 OCT 2016 Lisa Preston

How can PR benefit small businesses?

Every business wants to grow or at least attract new customers. But as a small business the cost of advertising to pitch yourself above larger competitors can be unrealistic. The good news is there’s an alternative. PR is a cost effective way to raise your profile and win new contracts without breaking the bank. Even […]

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16 OCT 2016 Lisa Preston

What does social media have to do with search engine rankings?

There’s no doubt that being on the front page of Google search results can make or break a small business. But how do you get there and stay there? Having an informative website with quality copy that is updated regularly is key to search engine optimisation or SEO. However, just as important for climbing search […]

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27 SEP 2016 Lisa Preston