10 Positive Business Impacts of PR

10 Positive Business Impacts of PR

Whether taking the form of a targeted press release or a live-streamed Q&A, PR can have a range of positive impacts on your business. Unfortunately, such benefits are often overlooked as businesses favour more direct forms of promotion. It’s a mistake, as highlighted by the business-boosting PR effects covered in this blog.

Building & Maintaining Your Business Profile

The shaping of your business reputation will have a bearing on everything from customer engagement to sales. You can use PR to raise your profile and build the most beneficial connections.

Consider the promotional impacts of these PR activities:

  • Sharing targeted press releases
  • Writing comments for inclusion in business articles
  • Sponsoring teams and events
  • Making public speeches and presentations

Establishing Credibility

Research has shown that consumers believe credibility to be more important than product quality in the shaping of brand perceptions. Such credibility can be achieved through positive press coverage, which is seen as more authentic and informative than other forms of promotion.

Press releases are one of the best ways of building credibility, with one study revealing that 42% of people believe them to be the most trustworthy type of content, (followed by spokespeople with 29% and company websites with 21%).

Reducing the Marketing Spend

PR is an affordable means of gaining exposure for small, medium and large businesses. Although a time investment will be needed, it could give you the opportunity of free coverage across a variety of media platforms. 

Boosting Brand Awareness

PR can make an immense difference in terms of brand awareness. Using the internet and social media, you have the potential to connect with a huge international audience. Influencers may also prove of great value in the promotion of your business offerings.

Enhancing Customer Relations

PR can be used to develop and strengthen relationships with your customers. This might involve sharing stories about attempts to minimise your environmental impact or support your local community. Case studies could also be published, highlighting the benefits that have been enjoyed as a result of using your products or services.

Driving Sales and Revenue

Following on from the previous point, positive public relations are sure to have a knock-on effect in terms of your sales and revenue. People will be more inclined to buy when they associate your brand with the feel-good factor. PR can also be a cost-effective way of capturing the interest of potential investors.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

It is essential that you attract top-quality recruits for the best chance of continued success and growth. This can be achieved through positive news coverage and PR campaigns distinguishing your company from the competition and highlighting the benefits of joining the team.

Handling Crises and Minimising Reputation Damage

The more time that you spend in business, the more likely that you will experience challenges with the potential to damage your brand reputation. Complaints may be made about the quality of your products and staff members might act in ways that put your company in a bad light. 

You can respond with PR stories highlighting the positive changes and steps that you’ve taken for your customers’ reassurance.

Creating a Digital Buzz

Positive online coverage will get people talking about your brand on social channels, bringing more traffic to your website and boosting your rankings. You’ll stand to make more digital sales and enjoy the resulting business growth.

Achieving Thought Leader Status

You can make a personal connection and separate yourself from the competition with thought leadership PR. This highlights you as an expert in your field, enhances your reputation and encourages others to have faith in your business. 

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