Three easy steps to winning more customers with emotion copywriting

Emotion copywriting

Three easy steps to winning more customers with emotion copywriting

Copywriting is a powerful tool. If used correctly it can win you business and loyal customers. Fail to set the right tone and people will disengage before you get to your sales pitch. Using emotion copywriting in your marketing will boost your chances of striking that all important deal. Here’s the why and how you can do it for yourself:

Why emotion copywriting will win you customers

People make big decisions based on their emotions. Just think back to every General Election there ever was or that nation-changing Brexit Referendum. People vote, rightly or wrongly, with their emotions.

If you can make an emotional connection with your customers they are more likely to pay attention and trust you. So how can you use emotion copywriting to achieve business results? Here are our three easy steps:

1. Write tantalising headlines

The title or headline of your marketing materials, press release or newsletter is your one chance to captivate your customers before they move on to the next priority in their busy lives. Make sure they keep reading by promising to solve their woes, share a secret or make their lives 10 times easier.

2. Tell a story and make a lasting connection

Push your readers’ emotional buttons by telling them a story they can relate to. Talk about the dreamy feeling of having clear, warm waters rush over their toes as they paddle in a tropical sea. Or recount the mad dash to get uncooperative kids in order before the start of the school term. Share scenarios that your customers know or desire and relate them back to your products and services to bring them closer to your brand.

3. Harness the energy of power words

These are amazing words that trigger basic human motivators of love, fear, guilt, greed, and pride. They act as a literary firework in your writing, by turning what might otherwise be a very dull piece of text into a thrilling read. Effective power words include ‘money’, ‘love’, ‘easy’ and ‘save’ but there are much more. Use these in your writing and we guarantee people will notice.

If your copywriting lacks magic or you want help to put some backbone into your marketing materials, we can help – contact us about our copywriting service.