5 guaranteed business benefits of blogging regularly


5 guaranteed business benefits of blogging regularly

Not so long ago having a company website put you at the cutting edge of business marketing. Now, simply being online is not enough. Company websites need to be constantly updated. If they’re left to fester then you’ll soon see your online traffic plummet. Having a business blog on your website and updating it regularly is one way to avoid a digital death.

It’s been found companies that have a blog generate more business leads than those that don’t. But why? Here are some of the benefits of blogging regularly and how a blog can win you customers:

1. Enhanced reputation

By blogging about what you do you are promoting your expertise. Potential customers are more likely to want to work with you or buy your products if they can see you know your stuff.

2. Engage with your customers

You’re also encouraging clients to start a conversation with you about subjects you’re both passionate about. If you sell wallpaper blog about this season’s colour trends or if you specialise in vintage car parts talk about how to lovingly restore them. The chances are this will spark an idea with potential customers.

3. Fresh website content

It’s not just your customers who notice when new posts are added to your blog; Google does too. In the search engine giant’s eyes, websites that are updated regularly have higher authority. This means it is more likely to show a frequently refreshed website in its search results.

4. Better SEO

Writing blog posts gives you the opportunity to boost your website’s SEO. Talk about your services using keywords that describe what you do and you’re more likely to be found by customers searching the web.

5. Great content for sharing on social media

New blog posts help to mix up the content available to share on your social media accounts. This will also help to pull in readers; increasing the hits on your site and the chances that they will stay to look around. Find out more about the wider benefits of social media for business.

If you’d like to find out more about the business benefits of blogging please get in touch. We offer a range of blogging packages to suit all businesses – we do the research and copywriting so you don’t have to.