7 Proven Ways of Finding Blog Title Ideas

7 Proven Ways of Finding Blog Title Ideas

So, you’ve spent time and money on the development of a website to be proud of. Now you’re keen to boost your search engine rankings and engage your online audience with regular blogs. But there’s a major stumbling block – you don’t know what to write about. What makes a good blog title (one that will capture your audience’s interest, encourage click-throughs and get people reading)? Read on as we share some tried and tested techniques.

Use blog title formulas

According to Copyblogger, just 20% of the people who read your blog headline in the search listings will click through to read. This means that 80% of your potential readers are left for the competition to entice. Thankfully there is a wide range of title formulas known to have a positive impact on reading rates.

Effective blog title formulas include:

  • The How-To
    Gives an easily understandable breakdown of how to achieve a set goal
  • The Guide
    Providing the reader with everything (or almost everything) that they might want to know about a set topic
  • The Question
    Posing a question that’s sure to be top of mind for your prospective readers (have a look at
    answerthepublic.com for most asked questions about set topics)
  • The Listicle
    Typically broken down into 5/10 easily digestible takeaways, this type of blog title has been found to perform 45% better than the average

Research keywords

It’s important to include keywords if you want your blog posts to show up in search engine listings. Thankfully there is a good range of budget-friendly SEO tools that you can use for the optimisation of your blog titles.

You can use tools such as Keysearch and Keywords Everywhere to find out the types of words and phrases that people are entering in relation to your particular product or service.

Taking the example of running shoes, Keyword Everywhere returns a list featuring keywords such as:

  • Womens running shoes
  • Running shoes for men
  • Adidas running shoes
  • Trail running shoes

You could base your blog headline on such keywords, going on to write about the top 10 trail running shoes that cost under £50 or how to keep women’s running shoes in the best condition.

Look at popular books

The Amazon book department is another helpful tool for the generation of winning blog title ideas. As an example, a search for woodworking brings up the book, Woodworking for Dummies. You can use the ‘look inside’ feature to find out which chapter titles have been included.

In this instance, we have chapter headings such as:

  • Putting Safety First In Your Workshop
  • Choosing Tools That Are Right For You
  • Banging out Bookcases
  • Ten Great Woodworking Resources

Whether or not you choose to buy the book, such headings are sure to provide inspiration for your blog.

Browse conferences session titles

You can continue your research by having a look for conferences addressing your area of interest. As an example, the Global Womantech Conference is set to be held from the 9th to the 11th of May 2023.

These themes are to be addressed during the conference:

  • Leadership and Company Culture
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling
  • Advancing the C-suite

Such themes might be covered in a tech-focused blog. And the same method could be followed specifically for conferences in your sector.

Look at course websites

From Coursera to Udemy, there is a range of websites offering the opportunity to up-skill in different areas. Such websites are also of value when it comes to the generation of blog headline ideas.

Imagine that you want to showcase your content marketing expertise. A search for this term would bring up a variety of courses, with themes that could be explored in your blog.

As an example, Udemy’s Content Marketing Masterclass focuses on:

  • How Marketing Has (And Hasn’t) Changed
  • The Importance Of Storytelling
  • The Importance Of Responsive Web Design
  • How To Write Perfect Headlines

This method could be adapted for your blog.

Check out competitor blogs

You should avoid copying your competitor’s content. However, there’s nothing wrong with visiting rival websites to find out which topics they’ve addressed. It might be a sign of what their customers are interested in and it could provide inspiration for your next piece.

Keep an ideas file

It makes sense to keep a file of your blog title ideas, given that you never know when inspiration might strike. You could hit upon a winning title idea when overhearing a discussion or while reading a news story. Add such ideas to those generated in the ways recommended in this blog and you’ll have a long list to draw on as and when you like.

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