7 ways to enhance your public relations strategy in 2018


7 ways to enhance your public relations strategy in 2018

As 2017 draws to a close and business planning for 2018 moves higher up your priority list, it’s time to start crafting your public relations strategy for the year ahead. But where should you focus your energy in order to boost your reputation and win new business?

We’re full of ideas at Amplify PR. Here are just a few of the essential tactics that we recommend you use to bolster your public relations strategy in 2018:

  1. Capture your key messages on film

Video is a must-have asset to help you reach your audience now and in the future. Soon it will make up the vast majority of content online. The logic behind this is that people engage with videos and retain the information within them more than they would a piece of written copy.

Here are some extra reasons why you should be adding videos to your 2018 PR strategy.

  1. Grab attention with words that pack a punch

Boost the impact of your publicity and marketing materials by injecting some emotion into your text. Speaking directly to customers’ basic needs and desires brings them closer to your brand.

You should also avoid simple copywriting mistakes that will turn customers off like forgetting your audience and not getting straight to the point.

  1. Focus on the social media important to your customers

Take a good look at how your social media has performed in 2017 and use this data to work out where to pool your efforts in the future. If customers are responding better to your posts on Facebook than Twitter then make this your priority.

We have plenty of tips for mastering different social media platforms for your business. Check out our hacks for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Something that will help you organise and coordinate your social media efforts is a content calendar. Make sure you have one as part of your PR strategy for 2018.

  1. Make LinkedIn work for you

Maximise your potential for gaining business leads through LinkedIn by optimising your own professional profile. People like to do business with people, so make sure your LinkedIn account gives the right impression.

  1. Optimise your website

A poorly performing website could be losing you business. The key to turning your website around is to view it through the eyes of your customers. They want clear information, fast, and from a source they know they can trust. We recommend seven simple steps for improving your website with your customers in mind, including a clear design, consistent branding and information that is to the point.

You should put a review of your website high up in your 2018 PR and marketing priorities.

  1. Enter awards

A new year is an excellent time to reflect on your successes of the past 12 months. Some may even be worthy of external recognition. Research award schemes within your industry or local area, find out when applications or nominations open and make sure you’re in the running. Here are some of the many reasons why entering awards is valuable to your business.

  1. Hire a PR and marketing agency

Even if you have an in-house team responsible for public relations and marketing, an external view can add value to any PR strategy. At Amplify PR we have in-house and agency experience in developing PR activities designed to engage customers and maximise exposure for our clients.

If you’d like to find out more about enhancing your public relations strategy in 2018 get in touch we can provide one-off consultancy or support your communications and content marketing on an ongoing basis.