9 quick and easy ways to improve your Company LinkedIn Page

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9 quick and easy ways to improve your Company LinkedIn Page

For companies selling their services and products, B2B LinkedIn is arguably the most important social media tool at their disposal. It’s a way of showcasing your achievements, winning new business enquiries and attracting the very best job candidates. However, when it comes to keeping company LinkedIn pages polished and up-to-date, many owners are missing a trick.

Here’s our simple tips for improving your page to help your business make a good impression on LinkedIn:

Upload consistent profile images

LinkedIn says companies who add their logo to their page get six times more traffic than those without. One of the reasons why is because people trust brands they recognise. If your LinkedIn page has the same logo as your website and other social media platforms then people will know it is associated with your business. So, add your logo and also add a cover image that represents your business.

Describe what you do

Front-load your company description with keywords about what you do. The first 156 characters will be visible on the Google search return for your LinkedIn page. Likewise, people can search LinkedIn for companies using keywords. If you’re the only supplier of telescopic pool cues in the UK then make sure you mention that high in your description.

Showcase your biggest assets

Use your page’s Showcase Pages to highlight different areas of your service, team or products. This is the place to go into more detail about what you have to offer as a business, supplier and employer.

Add your specialities

A really quick and easy way to help people find your company LinkedIn page is to add keywords about what your business does and its industry to the Specialities section.

Plan great content to engage your audience

This is something you should be doing on your social media channels and can be easily replicated on your LinkedIn page if you are using a social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite. The type of content or posts that will appeal to your page followers will include a balance of company updates, industry news and opinion pieces. Create these with snappy headlines and add images or video to make your posts stand out in your followers’ news feeds. Remember that LinkedIn is a place people go to make connections, further their careers and look for businesses they want to work with, so make your posts speak to them.

Pay to promote

Set aside a bit of budget for LinkedIn ads to boost the reach of some of your best page posts. This will help introduce your business to LinkedIn users with similar interests or in a particular geographical location who you want to target.

Attract prospective employees with tailored information

Add Career Pages to showcase what it’s like to work for your company including employee case studies and testimonials. This will help attract quality candidates to your business.

Harness your employees’ LinkedIn following

Ask your employees to share your page updates from time to time. These may be posts about their work, something new happening in your industry or a company-wide achievement. This will substantially increase the reach of your posts.

Invite people to follow your page

Make sure you have social media follow buttons, including LinkedIn, on your website and your email signature blocks. Adding existing contacts to the followers on your social media will give you more opportunities to connect with them regularly.

If you’d like help managing your LinkedIn Page or creating planned posts to engage your following we can help. We are experts in creating social media strategies for businesses or can offer training to help you master this area of digital marketing yourself. Get in touch to find out more about our services.

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