Context marketing: why timing can make or break your sales

context marketing

Context marketing: why timing can make or break your sales

Timing is everything when it comes to successful marketing. This is because the catalyst for turning your target audience into customers is their immediate desire for the thing you sell. You may know they need your product, but do they? This is where understanding context marketing will give your sales a boost.

What is context marketing?

Context marketing is placing advertising in front of your potential customers at the right time to maximise the chances of them making a purchase. For example:

  • It’s the billboard advertising a restaurant as you drive towards it.
  • It’s the greetings card company emailing you with a reminder that Mothers Day is coming up.
  • Or, it’s the supermarket app sending you special offers on the day you usually shop.

All of these marketing messages are pitched to the right person, at the optimum time.

Breaking down this approach further, there are three important factors to context marketing:

  1. You need to create great marketing content
  2. It needs to speak to your target audience
  3. And the timing has to be right so they want to purchase now.

If one of these factors is missing your marketing efforts could be wasted. For example, if a greetings card company emailed you today and said ‘buy our cards’, would you click through to their website?

If you don’t have a family birthday or occasion coming up the timing may not be right, even if you have bought something from them in the past and like their cards.

The benefits

Speaking to your customers with the right message at the right time has lots of business benefits:

  • Targeted marketing will save you wasting time and money sending messages to the wrong people
  • Your customers will appreciate that you only contact them with personalised information
  • Customers will engage more positively with your brand
  • Your emails are less likely to be consigned to your customers’ spam folders
  • Customers are more likely to buy from you.

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How to use context marketing to convert leads

It’s vital to understand your target audience beyond their need for your product or services.

Why do they need it? What else is going on in their lives? Are they on a budget? Do they make particular buying decisions at certain times of the year, month or day?

You can collect some of this information by using website contact and email marketing forms. Always ask for more than your customers’ names and addresses. Think about the type of data you need to target them effectively in the future. 

This might include their date of birth, when their insurance policies are up for renewal and how they would like to hear from you in the future. Remember to keep your information requests relevant to your business and products, and store the data in line with GDPR.

Having these insights will inform your content and tactics so you can create context marketing that sells.

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