4 ways customer case studies help you win over business leads

Case studies and customer testimonials

4 ways customer case studies help you win over business leads

Being able to show hot business leads proof that you can deliver them value for money is the key to winning them over. Case studies and testimonials about the excellent work you have done for existing customers are a powerful resource that you can use again and again to your advantage.

Why write customer case studies?

Here’s how customer case studies can help convince business leads and grow your brand’s order book:

1. Rock-solid proof

It’s very easy to make wild claims about the quality of your products and services. However, a case study showing your processes and how they have proved effective for clients is worth so much more than the marketing hype.

2. Showcase your best work

Listing your products and services on your website or marketing literature can make for dry reading and not show off your true value. By explaining what you do in a real-life case study the benefits of working with your business become more tangible for potential leads.

3. Relatable issues

While no two customers are the same, many will face similar issues that you can help them overcome. A case study about how you have saved the day for an existing customer could resonate with a business lead.

4. Authentic testimonial

Being able to quote testimonial from a happy customer and cite them as a referee will add credibility to your business. Video testimonials are the most authentic.

So, how do you write case studies?

A good case study will include:

  • Your customer’s problem – why did they come to you in the first place?
  • Any research you undertook – this will demonstrate your expertise
  • The solutions you came up with
  • The outcome – what benefits, financial or otherwise, did the customer gain?
  • A testimonial from your customer in their own words.

If you would like help creating customer case studies we have a team of writers ready to help. Why not read our customer testimonials to see what they think of our services before you get in touch?