4 easy ways to generate business leads online

Generate business online

4 easy ways to generate business leads online

We appreciate that finding new leads can be a hard task when you are in the thick of running your company. Day-to-day tasks take over the very necessary business of securing next month’s clients. However, turning warm leads into returning customers need not be difficult. In fact, it can be bolted on to your brand’s marketing plans and other public relations activities that you may already do. Here are four simple things to do to generate business leads online:

Generate business leads using your website

We’ve talked before about the things you can do to generate business leads from your website. Once people have found your online shopfront you need to give them compelling reasons to learn more about your services or products and make it easy to get in touch. Doing simple things, like putting your contact details on every page, will up the chances of a website hit turning into a business lead.

Other things to try include:

  • Add a data-capture form so people can ‘book an appointment now’ or ‘arrange a call-back’
  • Starting a business blog to share news about your products, as well as non-sales advice that will resonate with your audience
  • Creating a newsletter sign-up form so you can stay in touch with customers and leads
  • Give people an incentive to leave their contact details, like a discount code or free download
  • Make sure there are plenty of calls-to-action on your website, pointing people to what they should do next. For example: ‘read this blog post’, ‘visit our online shop’, or ‘contact us to find out more’


Make sure all of your sign-up forms and data-capture forms are GDPR-compliant.

Polish your LinkedIn presence

If your business sells B2B it’s important to have a good presence on LinkedIn. This is where people will often go to connect with you after meeting at a face-to-face networking event, and is the ideal place to keep leads warm. Keep your personal profile up-to-date and ensure your LinkedIn business page is part of your social media strategy. Being active on LinkedIn and posting regular, relevant updates will make you visible to potential leads and give you the best chance of winning new business.

Start a Facebook group

It’s becoming harder and harder for Facebook business pages to get traction without a large advertising budget. But that doesn’t mean it’s dead as a marketing platform for SMEs. Create a Facebook group on a topic of interest to your customer base and invite them to join. This will turn into a useful research tool that you can use to listen to discussions being initiated by your audience. When appropriate, you can also pose questions and point group members to information and special offers they might find helpful. The key is to not be too sales focused and more informative.

Record a podcast series

There’s been a revival in podcasting, which was invented more than 15 years ago to create downloadable chats on interesting but sometimes niche topics. Now, podcasts are re-emerging as an excellent way to build a relationship with customers who have a specific interest in services or products in your industry. Set yourselves up as experts in your field and listeners will convert to customers. Find out more about the importance of podcasts in your marketing and lead generation plans.

If you want to generate business leads online but are not sure where to start then we can help. We are a Southampton PR and content marketing agency with experience helping businesses build their customer base across a range of industries. Get in contact to find out more about our services.