5 essential elements of effective case studies

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5 essential elements of effective case studies

It’s one thing telling your potential customers how great you are, but having real life examples of your success takes your pitch to the next level. That’s why having a pocket full of excellent case studies is essential when you are reeling in a hot lead.

What’s so special about case studies?

A case study brings your products and services to life by demonstrating how they work in the real world. You can also tell the story of how you worked with a customer, the problems you overcame and the brilliant results.

Who doesn’t love a story with a happy ending?

So what should you include in your case study?

This is the formula we use to create informative and engaging case studies to support our clients’ marketing strategies:

The problem

Way before you start talking about your services or the stock on your shelves, it’s important to highlight that irksome issue your customer had before they came to you.

This is the hook for new prospects who could be experiencing the same pet peeve.

Also, highlight the goal you set out to achieve. What did you want to improve and by how much?

Your solution or strategy

Next up is an explanation of how you offered to help or what your strategy was for making a difference in your customers’ lives.

Don’t skimp on explaining the process, what research was involved or how you carefully planned each step of the project.

Also include any examples of things your customer might have tried before that didn’t hit the mark, or why your solution was so timely.

A testimonial

A large proportion of people seek out peer reviews before making a buying decision. So offering referenced testimonials in your case study makes this research easier for your prospects.

Ask your happy customers to give you a few positive words to include in your case study to highlight how great it is to work with you.


If you can demonstrate your results in numbers, do so.

Bold stats about sales increases, people reached and behavioural change can be presented in infographics to make your success even easier to digest.

A call to action

By now your hot lead is bound to be convinced of your credentials and desperate to get a piece of the action. Leave them in no doubt about what to do next.

A clear call to action, pointing them in the direction of more information and your sales team will help close the deal.

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