5 free social media tools for businesses

Social media tools

5 free social media tools for businesses

When you hit publish on a social media post you need to know it’s going to make an impact. That means creating something that is visually appealing, engaging and lands in front of your ideal customer at the optimum time. If getting all of these things right sounds like a challenge, we have some tips to make life easier. In this post, we’re sharing some social media tools that will help your business hone its content. And the best part? They’re free!

Twitter planner

Did you know 500 million tweets are sent every single day? Standing out in the crowd takes a bit of work. If you want to back up your efforts with a bit more strategy, the experts at Twitter have created a 69-page guide for businesses aid planning and share best practice.

It includes templates, tips and prompts to get you thinking about how to maximise your tweet approach in the year ahead.

Instagram templates

Every day more than 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile. If you want to make that yours you need to create eye-catching content to make people pause on your posts.

If you don’t have your own in-house photographer or designer that can seem unachievable.

Step in HubSpot. It has 22 Instagram templates for businesses that you can download for free.

Follower insights

The best way to engage your followers is to find out more about them. Tapping onto each of their profiles is a totally impractical use of your time. But FollowerWonk can help when it comes to Twitter.

It tells you all kinds of useful information from your followers’ interests based on their Twitter bio to their age, where they are located and when they are most active on the platform.

This can help you plan what to post and when.

Social media image design

Canva is a brilliant social media tool for businesses. It comes with free templates to create social media images using the right dimensions for each platform.

You can even connect your social channels and publish or schedule directly from Canva.

Use it to design perfectly proportioned and scroll-stopping posts for Facebook, Instagram Stories and Pinterest.

Website link tracking

Evaluating the impact of your PR and marketing activities is vital if you want your business to learn and grow. This includes tracking the success of your social media posts.

A free tool to use when creating content that links back to your businesses’ website is Google’s campaign URL builder.

A URL is a website link. Google’s tool allows you to add a bit of extra information to your website’s URLs when you use them in a Facebook post, tweet or your Instagram bio.

You can then find out where people clicked on a link before they came to your website. Create a unique campaign URL for every post and you can really drill down into which social media shares worked and the ones that fell flat.

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