How can PR benefit small businesses?


How can PR benefit small businesses?

Every business wants to grow or at least attract new customers. But as a small business the cost of advertising to pitch yourself above larger competitors can be unrealistic.

The good news is there’s an alternative. PR is a cost effective way to raise your profile and win new contracts without breaking the bank. Even sole traders and small firms should think about having a PR strategy to complement their business plan.

PR can be anything from gaining coverage in your local paper to writing blog posts for your own website and chatting with your customers online. Essentially, it’s low cost promotion with high impact potential.

So, what are you going to get out of having a great PR strategy?

PR benefits for small businesses

  • Raise your profile in the media – by getting to know your local or trade press and sending them your news you will raise your profile as an expert in your field. On top of that, editorial coverage always has more impact than advertising, people trust third-party endorsements more than something they know a newspaper has been paid to print.
  • Tell your story – promoting your unique story through your website, a newsletter or your social media allows you to sell yourself in your own words. If there’s something you think your customers would love to know, PR gives you the opportunity to share it unedited.
  • Reach new customers – by making sure your website is packed with interesting information and having a presence on social media; new customers are more likely to hear about you because their friends have shared, liked or commented on your content.
  • Increase your visibility on Google – by keeping your website up-to-date and sharing your content on social media you are giving yourself a leg up Google’s search rankings.
  • Connect with existing customers – everyone has the internet in their pocket these days. Their smartphones give them instant access to the brands they use through their websites and social media. This is a great opportunity to stay connected with your customers, get their feedback and encourage repeat business.

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