How to plan your 2024 PR and marketing strategy

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How to plan your 2024 PR and marketing strategy

Have you arrived back at your desk (wherever that might be) keen to make 2024 your company’s best year yet? Don’t spend the start of the New Year spinning your wheels. Now is the time to hone your communication plans. Here’s our advice for kick-starting your PR and marketing strategy.


Take a look back at how last year went.

What worked and what fell flat in 2023? It’s only when you understand your successes and failures that you can move forward.

Reviewing your results will allow you to see how much value your brand got from your PR and marketing activities. Think about whether people took action based on your campaigns and whether your company’s reputation grew and how positively your business profile is perceived.


It’s a great time to re-visit your marketing materials including your website and make sure they’re up-to-date and reflecting your brand correctly. Could you do more to sell your products or services more effectively? Perhaps you can add some testimonials or case studies or more visuals such as imagery or video. Could your brand identity be more consistent across all your marketing assets to ensure your company looks more professional?


Setting goals gives your marketing strategy direction and allows you to measure your results at a later date.

Your marketing goals should always be linked to your business goals. This will focus your efforts on activities that contribute to the overall growth of your brand and help you stay on course.

Don’t get sidetracked by the latest social media trend because everyone else is doing it. If something won’t help you achieve your goals, steer clear.


When was the last time you sought feedback from your customers?

What do they think of your brand? Are they satisfied with what you have to offer? It’s good practice to speak to your audience regularly and seek their views to inform your marketing and PR strategy.

It’s also possible that your audience’s priorities have changed.

Hopefully, you’ll have reached new audiences in 2023 too. Are you communicating with them effectively to turn them into repeat customers and brand advocates?

Now is the time to review your customer personas and bring them up to date.


Every marketing activity has a cost attached to it whether you are running an event, creating print or digital assets, or buying in professional marketing support.

Make sure your strategy is fully budgeted so you know it’s possible to deliver.


If there’s one part of your business where creativity is key it’s in your approach to PR and marketing.

What will help you stand out from your competitors in the year ahead? What can you use to boost the visibility of your business?

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