Super size your Instagram engagement with a hashtag strategy

Super size your Instagram engagement with a hashtag strategy

If your Instagram posts are bombing then maybe it’s time for a change of tack. A hashtag strategy could revive your slumbering squares and help you achieve better social media engagement.

In the past couple of years Instagram has been evolving the way people engage with the profiles they follow. We’ve waved goodbye to chronological timelines, welcomed the introduction of business profiles, and have been getting to grips with Stories and Instagram TV.

The changes have drawn an even bigger audience and it continues to grow, making Instagram a social media platform to be taken seriously.

For some brands, the move from chronological timelines to feeds based on popular content has meant a downward spiral in engagement. One way to turn this around is to create a hashtag strategy.

Why do you need a hashtag strategy for Instagram?

Using the right selection of hashtags will help you reach new followers, increase engagement and maximise brand awareness.

This is even more relevant since Instagram started to allow users to follow hashtags as well as other accounts. If someone is following a hashtag that you have used they may see your post as they are scrolling through their feed, even if they don’t follow you.

The upshot is that if they love what they see, they’ll engage with your post and your profile.

However, there is a kicker. If you use a popular hashtag that is unrelated to your image then people can report this to Instagram. It may then decide to stop showing your posts to as many people in the future. Ouch!

How to create your strategy

Creating a hashtag strategy isn’t as complex as it might sound. Here are a few ways to make a start:

  • Thoroughly research hashtags relevant to your industry or niche before you add them to each post.
  • Avoid hashtags that are saturated with posts. If they have been used more than a million times then it’s going to be hard to gain attention.
  • Avoid hashtags that have no traction whatsoever. If people aren’t looking at them, what’s the point?
  • If your business is based in a specific place and wants to attract local customers, use location relevant hashtags.
  • Don’t add the same hashtags to every post. Mix things up and make them relevant to your image.
  • Create a brand hashtag and make sure this is visible in your profile. This is useful for sharing on your website and other social media channels to point people to your posts. You can also encourage customers to use your hashtag when they are sharing content about your products and services. Offering incentives for doing so will work wonders.

There are plenty more ways to use hashtags to improve Instagram engagement. If you would like to up your game on Instagram then get in touch with Southampton-based Hampshire PR and marketing agency Amplify PR. We can help you develop a range of bespoke strategies, including a hashtag strategy, to help your business grow on social media.