10 LinkedIn content ideas to make your profile a must follow

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10 LinkedIn content ideas to make your profile a must follow

If you want to grow your personal LinkedIn profile or business page you need to create scroll-stopping content. But what should you post? In this blog, we’re sharing our top LinkedIn content ideas to get you started.

LinkedIn content ideas for lead generation

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for lead generation and network building. But you have to invest time to make it work. This means posting useful content, engaging with other accounts and highlighting your knowledge and skills.

If you’re stuck for inspiration we have plenty of tactics you can use in your LinkedIn strategy to help you make connections, set yourself apart as a thought leader and win new business.

Don’t forget to mix up these content ideas to keep your feed fresh and interesting.

1. Share your professional journey

People like to connect and work with real people. Talking about how you started your career or business, lessons you’ve learned along the way and where you want to go next is all part of doing business as your authentic self.

2. Comment on industry news

When something is happening in your sector share your opinion on it. You can do this by sharing an article you’ve seen in the media or commenting on a newsworthy topic someone else has posted. This all helps to establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche.

3. Create white papers

White papers take a deep dive into an industry trend, new approach or as yet unaddressed challenge. Authoring one helps set you apart as an expert people can trust and helps your customers discover useful information, understand an issue, solve a problem or make a buying decision.

What better place to share a white paper than LinkedIn? Read our blog post about white papers and why your business needs one.

4. Post your top tips

If you’ve discovered something that’s revolutionised your working day share it on LinkedIn. This doesn’t have to be related to your business or products. It could be as simple as a new app or a podcast you’ve found inspiring.

Being more helpful and less sales-focused will make people stop and read what you have to say.

5. User-generated content and reviews

If your business receives online reviews share them with your LinkedIn followers. Third-party views and endorsements about your services or products validate your own marketing messages.

6. Upload videos

Video is taking over social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and LinkedIn is going the same way. Moving images engage people like nothing else. If you upload a video (not simply post a link to where it’s hosted on YouTube or Vimeo) it is five times more likely to start a conversation among LinkedIn users than other content.

Videos on this platform can be anything from three seconds to 10 minutes in length, and the horizontal format works best.

Read more about making videos for your business.

7. Share your blogs

If you’ve spent time creating content for your personal or business blog expand its reach by sharing it on LinkedIn. Post a link to it from your business page and personal profile.

Need some blog content ideas? Read our tips for writing great business blogs.

8. Write LinkedIn articles

If you don’t have a blog on your business website, and even if you do, you can create blog-style articles on LinkedIn.

Use these to discuss topics that are important to your customers and industry with the aim of highlighting your knowledge and being helpful to your followers.

9. Post jobs

If you have an opening at your business or you spot one advertised elsewhere that might interest your connections, share it.

The perfect candidate could be among your followers – after all, if they’re interested in you and your business it’s likely they want to work with you.

10. Celebrate your business successes

Finally in our round-up of LinkedIn content ideas, if you’ve got something to shout about, do it! Don’t hold back from celebrating your successes.

However, a word of caution: make sure you mix up your posts about yourself with a good smattering of other content ideas from this list. No one likes a show-off.

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