Maintain visibility with your customers during COVID-19

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Maintain visibility with your customers during COVID-19

Maintain visibility with your customers during COVID-19 – it’s important. Right now, it’s an unprecedented time and many businesses are having to scale-down or hibernate until the lockdown is lifted or the economy improves. If you stop doing your marketing, customers may think you’ve had to close your business entirely.

Open for business

You may not be able to function as you were doing so before coronavirus arrived but you’re still here. By keeping some of your marketing going you’re showing your shop window and that you’re open for business.


Your competitors are most likely struggling in the same way as you and they may have clawed back all of their marketing spend. They may even have furloughed their marketing team. Some of your competitors may not make it to the other side.

It’s important that you do and your mission to succeed will be helped by maintaining your visibility. It’ll bring you some business opportunities and it’ll give you momentum when we get through this.

Be faster, leaner and stronger

Businesses will need to be quick out of the blocks when the lockdown is lifted and show that they’re back. If you’ve been doing a bit of marketing during the slowdown and have maintained relationships with customers, prospects and showed you’re a survivor – you’ve got a much better chance of hitting the ground running.

Getting through this is just a matter of time. If your business can financially hang in there and you’re open for business, make sure everyone knows that’s what you’re doing.

See this time as an opportunity to show your customers that you’re a business that’s resilient to economic pressures and one that they can trust. Focus your attention on building your credibility and being ready to come out stronger. Give yourself a fighting chance of winning new business fast.