Mastering storytelling in marketing your business

storytelling in marketing

Mastering storytelling in marketing your business

Imagine you are listening to a lecture. After a while facts and statistics start to bounce off you. But then the presenter says, ‘now let me tell you a story’. Immediately your interest is piqued. Stories appeal to us on a very basic level and that’s why storytelling in marketing is an important business tool.

We use stories to make sense of the world around us. It’s easy to understand what’s happening when there’s a villain to shun, a hero to adore and a lesson to be learnt. 

The key factor for businesses is to be the author of your own story. Be clear about your narrative:

  • Set out why you are the hero 
  • Identify the villain and how you can help vanquish them
  • And, share how the world will be a better place when you are victorious.


Marketing and PR will help you relay this story to your audience and keep control of the message if there are twists and turns.

Here are some tips on how to use storytelling in marketing and PR:

Be authentic

Storytelling in marketing is not about creating a work of fiction. Being authentic in brand PR is vital.

What fictional hero isn’t flawed? The same goes for businesses. People don’t expect you to be faultless, but they do demand you do the right thing when something goes wrong. 

Admitting mistakes and making up for them is important for authentic storytelling. It’ll also add to your credibility and the success of your long-term story.

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Be consistent

Being clear and consistent about your story – your hero, villain and lessons to be learnt – will facilitate customer buy-in. This means coordinating your marketing and PR efforts across your business. Having a PR and marketing plan is essential.

Tell your story creatively

There are so many ways you can tell your story, from behind the scenes posts on Instagram Stories to blog posts sharing your tips for overcoming a common customer bugbear.

Use video, powerful imagery and graphics to bring your story alive.

Get your customers involved

If your customers share their experiences of your products or services, then use this to your advantage. They may post something on social media or in an online review that you can reshare. You should also get them involved in testimonials and case studies for your website and other marketing materials.

Having ambassadors who are also telling your story is one of the most powerful forms of marketing.

If you need help marketing your business, then we can help. Amplify PR is a Southampton-based PR and marketing agency offering consultancy to businesses that want to master storytelling in marketing.