How one tweet led to a literary ‘sleepover’

This is the story of how Waterstones turned potentially negative press on Twitter and beyond, into a PR success. It all started when American tourist David Willis found himself locked in the Trafalgar Square Waterstones branch in London, after employees went home and closed the store...


Live well for 50p more – brand management

The press office at Sainsbury’s HQ has been very busy managing brand reputation after a poster gaffe left some customers reeling. A poster encouraging Sainsbury’s staff to get shoppers to spend more was displayed in a window of a store in Stratford – by mistake. The...

Social media for SEO

PR is the new SEO

The latest of Google’s search algorithms seems to be the one causing the most headaches for SEO specialists, and this is because it focuses mostly on content rather than technical coding. This is an opportunity for PR specialists and copywriters, who are adept at developing...

Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird logo – crude but clever?

It’s possibly the PR story of the year so far. Now that ruffled feathers have settled, I’m wondering whether the Dirty Bird Fried Chicken logo was indeed an innocent cock-up or a provocative branding exercise. Earlier this month, Dirty Bird hit the headlines in Wales and...