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5 unavoidable reasons to redesign a website

When was the last time you refreshed your website? At the pace the internet and mobile devices are developing, four or five years can equate to a lifetime in the digital world. But how do you know when you should redesign a website? After all,...

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5 ways businesses can stand out on Instagram

With more than 200 million businesses now using Instagram as part of their marketing strategy, you may be wondering whether it's still possible to grab your customers' attention in a saturated social media platform. Carefully planned and engaging content is essential to cut through the...

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Why media relations (as we know it) is dead

The role of public relations experts in media relations is to help brands share their stories, offer new angles on trending news and connect with their customers through open and honest communication with journalists. This has always been the case. But media relations is not...

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5 free social media tools for businesses

When you hit publish on a social media post you need to know it's going to make an impact. That means creating something that is visually appealing, engaging and lands in front of your ideal customer at the optimum time. If getting all of these...