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How to plan your 2022 PR and marketing strategy

Have you arrived back at your desk (wherever that might be) keen to make 2022 your brand’s best year yet? Don’t spend the start of the New Year spinning your wheels. Now is the time to hone your communication plans. Here’s our advice for kick-starting...

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4 ways video can help SEO your business

If you’re dithering about creating videos for your business, delay no more. We've got four compelling reasons why you should prioritise video in your marketing strategy to bring tangible benefits to your business. Video is so much more than a 'nice thing to'. Importantly video...

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Greenwashing: why your business should steer clear

In the wake of COP26 the pressure is on governments and businesses to take action to tackle climate change. This means cleaning up their act and encouraging others to do the same to avoid a global crisis. As if there wasn’t already enough on their...

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Why creating video content is good for business

Did you know that video is the most viewed content on the internet? If you’re not already using video in your business marketing then it’s time to catch up. But if the thought of creating blockbusters is overwhelming, fear not. Regular, short videos that speak to...

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How many hashtags should you use on Instagram?

If Instagram is part of your business’ social media strategy you’ve probably got a million things running through your mind. Is there a trick to making popular Reels? What should you post on Stories? And how is the algorithm affecting your visibility on the platform?...