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5 mistakes to avoid when writing an annual report

An annual report is an important asset for any business. It communicates the values and goals of your brand in a transparent and accountable way. If you have investors or want to attract them, it's even more critical. However, getting it right can be tough....

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5 essential elements of effective case studies

It’s one thing telling your potential customers how great you are, but having real life examples of your success takes your pitch to the next level. That’s why having a pocket full of excellent case studies is essential when you are reeling in a hot...

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Why your business needs a white paper

Is one of your business goals to become an industry thought leader? Writing a white paper can bring you all the benefits of being recognised as an expert in your field including reaching more clients and boosting sales. This post gives you the low down on...

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How to create videos with influencers

Influencers are experts at creating video content that resonates with their audience. They've spent time finding out what sparks conversations and use this know-how to build an engaged following. Partnering with these influencers presents an opportunity for brands that have a similar ethos and customer...

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How to run a successful media event

If you want to improve your connections with journalists and influencers in your industry then running a media event is a top way to get face time with them. However, these are busy professionals with lots of other demands on their time, so it’s important...