How to master Pinterest for business in 2019

On the face of it, Pinterest is not the most prolific social media platform with 250 million monthly users worldwide compared to 2.38 billion on Facebook. So why should you consider using Pinterest for business in 2019? It's simple: Pinterest earns its crust as a...


10 easy podcast ideas to convert downloads into sales

If you're thinking of starting a podcast for your business, or have done so and rapidly run out of inspiration for what to talk about, then we have some easy podcast ideas here for you. Why businesses should podcast Podcasting is a growing marketing channel giving brands...

Targeted PR

How to use targeted PR to win over your audience

A mistake businesses often make when planning PR campaigns is jumping straight to the tools they are going to use to wow their target audience. However, signing up for that whizzy new social media platform everyone is raving about, or chatting up the editor of...