Picking a winner: what makes a great public relations agency?

Choosing a PR agency

Picking a winner: what makes a great public relations agency?

Choosing the right public relations agency to help build your brand’s reputation is a big decision. We’ve spoken to plenty of companies who have had bad experiences in the past and are not sure where to start. When it comes to the crunch we believe there are five key things that make a great public relations agency.

Here’s what to add to your wish list:

Experience and qualifications, plus accreditation

PR is a broad industry in which many people call themselves public relations consultants or PR professionals. The fact is that there are industry-recognised qualifications in public relations, just like there are in law or accounting. You wouldn’t employ a solicitor who wasn’t qualified to give you legal advice and the same rule should be applied to PR.

Both the PRCA and CIPR offer postgraduate qualifications and diplomas. Both industry organisations provide accreditation for PR agencies and individuals. 

Finger on the PR pulse

Gone are the days when public relations was all about pushing out press releases and organising lunches with journalists. Media relations still forms an important part of the PR campaign mix but there are many more ways to boost your business’ reputation in the digital age.

Great public relations agencies have adapted to these changes and offer their clients a wide range of PR tools including digital content creation, content marketingsocial media strategy, internal communications, investor relations, stakeholder engagement and crisis handling.

Picking a public relations agency that can offer you the tactics you need will reap rewards for your business.

Knowledge of your sector

It’s possible to apply and adapt public relations methods to any business sector but it always helps if your agency has experience in your industry. This will give you a head start as the people you work with closely will have a baseline of knowledge about your sector and how best to get conversations started about your business.

Good public relations examples and results

Until you start working with a public relations agency you’ll never be 100% sure that they can get the results you crave. However, you can be a lot more certain if they can show you testimonials and case studies of their work with existing clients.

Seeing what results they have achieved for other businesses will demonstrate how they set targets, what methods they use and how they measure success.

The right personalities

The team behind a great public relations agency will want to spend time getting to know your business and will be in regular contact, so you want to make sure that your personalities gel. Spend time meeting the people you’ll be working with, whether that’s one person or an account team.


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