10 easy podcast ideas to convert downloads into sales


10 easy podcast ideas to convert downloads into sales

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast for your business, or have done so and rapidly run out of inspiration for what to talk about, then we have some easy podcast ideas here for you.

Why businesses should podcast

Podcasting is a growing marketing channel giving brands a way to connect with a super-engaged audience and convert them into loyal customers.

People download podcast episodes on topics they already love and listen to them for entertainment while doing a multitude of mundane jobs, like shopping, commuting, cooking or exercising – making them much easier to consume than blog posts. The insights and expertise they soak up from podcasts enrich their day, which is great news for businesses wanting to build a community around their brand.

So imagine our excitement when we heard about a new piece of research that had found people who listen to podcasts outspend their peers by as much as 179 per cent, making them a lucrative as well as an engaged audience.

What better reason to take the plunge into podcasting? Read our guide on how to start a podcast.

Easy podcast ideas to fill your episodes

When you’ve set up your podcast it’s important to maintain a steady flow of episodes. Let subscribers know when they can get their next fix and keep them engaged.

If you’ve lost your podcast mojo or need some easy ideas to kick start your content plan, here’s our easy podcast ideas:

  1. If you have a company blog, repurpose some posts into discussion points for your podcast
  2. Take listeners behind the scenes to find out how things are done or made in your business
  3. Interview members of your team or brand advocates for expert advice and opinion
  4. Interview personalities in your industry
  5. Respond to things happening in the news
  6. Tell the story of your business – how did it begin?
  7. Share the lessons you’ve learnt and how you’ve overcome obstacles
  8. Talk about the top 10 things people need to know about a product, service or event
  9. Review your year
  10. Ask listeners to tell you what topics they would like to hear about in the future.


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