7 reasons why you should use Facebook advertising 

Facebook ads app on smartphone

7 reasons why you should use Facebook advertising 

It’s no secret that getting your Facebook posts in front of your customers is hard work. Business pages are subject to Facebook algorithms that suppress the number of people who see your posts and make it harder to grow your audience organically. The only way to get around this is to pay for ads. But is Facebook advertising worth it? 

We think so. Here are some of the reasons why you should use Facebook ads as part of your business’s digital marketing activities:

1. Precise targeting 

Facebook ads put your business in front of a very specific set of prospective customers – people who are more likely to want to hear from you. This is achieved by allowing you to choose the demographics, location and interests of the people you want to target. 

You can even specify who you don’t want to see your ads, such as competitors. 

Having a set of customer personas will help you with your Facebook ad targeting.

2. Meet specific objectives

When you set up your Facebook ad you can choose a specific objective that you want to meet. This might be driving traffic to your website, encouraging visitors to download your app, generating leads, or increasing sales. 

Whatever your current business objective, Facebook can support your bigger marketing plans.

3. Reach people where they are

In 2019 nearly half the world’s population was on social media and surfed it for an average of two hours and 23 minutes per day.

Imagine how that has increased in 2020 with so many people changing the way they work. Fewer people are walking past outdoor advertising or reading their local paper and more are spending increasing amounts of time online.

4. Warm-up hot leads  

It’s possible to target Facebook ads at people who have already visited your website – giving them a reminder about your business that may spark a purchase. This can be done by adding Facebook Pixel to your site.

5. It’s not expensive

Facebook advertising isn’t as expensive as you might think. Obviously the more budget you set aside for ads the greater number of people they will reach (especially if your competitors are also using Facebook ads). But it’s possible to spend as little as £1 a day on some ad types.

6. You don’t need a large Facebook audience

It doesn’t matter if your page only has a small following, you can pay to reach people who don’t follow you as well as those who do.

7. Stop and start anytime 

There is a degree of experimenting with Facebook ads just like any advertising platform. What works for one business and its audience might not for another. 

The good news is that you start your ad campaign, stop it or adjust your budget at any time. The same can’t be said for buying ads in traditional media.

And that’s just a few reasons why you should give Facebook advertising a go. 

Amplify PR manage Facebook ads for clients as part of their wider social media strategies and marketing objectives. If you would like to find out more take a look at our social media services.