5 unavoidable reasons to redesign a website

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5 unavoidable reasons to redesign a website

When was the last time you refreshed your website? At the pace the internet and mobile devices are developing, four or five years can equate to a lifetime in the digital world. But how do you know when you should redesign a website? After all, it can take a lot of time and resources to give you a long-term solution that will bring in leads and generate sales.

Here’s just five of the reasons why you need to give your website a refresh:

1. Branding

One of the most obvious reasons to update your website and other marketing collateral is because your business has had a rebrand. 

You may have changed your visual branding, the direction of your business or both.

This is the ideal time to not only change your logo, colour scheme and fonts but go further and redesign your website. Read on for more important tasks to factor into your rebranding plans.

2. Poor user journey

When you launched your website it should have had a clear structure that was easy to use with all your key information just a few clicks from your homepage. 

However, websites evolve over time, just like your business. As you add more products or services the user journey can become less clear. This is why regular website audits are so important. 

Getting a fresh pair of eyes to look over your website will reveal whether your customers still get to the information they need.

3. Loading speed

We often talk about people’s attention spans when it comes to digital content. They don’t hang around, especially for slow-loading webpages.

If your website takes a while to spring to life because of large images or an unresponsive theme, Google will also penalise it, showing it further down search results. 

Check your website’s loading speed. Anything less than green or a 90/100 score on mobile and desktop means your website needs work.

4. Accessibility

It’s internationally recognised that a good website is an accessible website. In fact, it’s a human right to be able to access information online. 

Your customers with disabilities – that’s 15-20% of the population – should be able to use your website equally. If that’s not the case you could be losing sales and opening up your business to repetitional damage.

W3C is the go-to organisation for guidelines on improving layout and design to make your website accessible to all.

5. Search Engine Optimisation

If you’ve noticed you’re getting fewer visitors to your website it may be because it needs more Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

Now, this isn’t a light topic. There are a whole bunch of factors that can affect how your website ranks in search results. 

It could be linked to the reasons to redesign a website that we’ve mentioned above. 

Or it could be that your competitors are ahead of you when it comes to updating their sites and creating new, search-optimised content that’s appearing higher in results.

Either way, an SEO audit will help you find out and provide an action plan for a website refresh.

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