How to stop people scrolling past your social media videos

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How to stop people scrolling past your social media videos

There’s no question that video is one of the most successful forms of content on social media. It’s effortless to watch and people are more likely to retain information about what they’ve seen than by reading traditional marketing literature. But how can you guarantee views when everyone is jumping on the video marketing bandwagon? Here’s what you need to do to stop people scrolling past your social media videos.

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Making social media videos people will watch

Did you know that 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound? But why? When we also tell you that 96% of people access Facebook on their mobile phone the story behind that statistic becomes clearer.

People don’t settle down to watch videos on social media in the same way they would on the TV. They are on the morning commute, scrolling while waiting at the school gate, or surreptitiously checking their social media under their work desk.

And the fact is that unless they are able to watch a video and understand it without the sound on they will scroll on by. So how can you stop this from happening and keep people focused on your social media video content?

Text overlay is the answer.

Tips on how to use text overlay on video

  • Social media videos work best if they are short and sharp, whichever platform you want to share them on. And the same goes for your text overlay. Less is more. Even if you are adding subtitles, make sure the word count on each screen is low.
  • Make sure the text doesn’t get in the way of your visuals. Having said that, design an opening shot that has a large title that fills the screen and captures your audience’s attention before they scroll away.
  • Think about the fonts you use in your text and make sure they are consistent with the rest of your brand.
  • Once you have created your video, ask a few people to view it and check that the text doesn’t move too fast to read. This is easily done when you are editing a video as you know what text is coming next.


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