Targeting the best social media channels for your business

Social media channels

Targeting the best social media channels for your business

Did you know there are more than 200 social networks used worldwide? While Facebook is undoubtedly the best known and has a huge audience of 1.47 billion daily active users it isn’t the only social media channel businesses should be considering to promote their products and services. So how do you know the best social media channels for you?

Here’s our guide to some of the top social media networks and how you can get the most out of your social profile:

The best social media channels


There’s no denying that Facebook is big. If your business doesn’t already have a presence on this social network you need to act now, particularly if your business is aimed at consumers. Here’s why:

  • Google ranks Facebook pages, so your page will come up in your customers’ search returns when they look for you
  • Posting regular, engaging content on your Facebook page is good for connecting with your customers in a less formal way. Share advice, giveaways and special offers to win their loyalty
  • Facebook ads can be extremely well targeted by demographics, interests and location to help you reach your audience.

Audience wise, you’re going to hit almost every demographic, although Facebook isn’t the main social network used by Millennials (see Snapchat below). Here are some more tips about how to power up your business Facebook page.


This is another network which businesses need to master to build reputation and authority in their industry. LinkedIn will help you connect with B2B customers, potential employees and investors. It’s also useful if you are B2C but want to engage with professionals for a particular product or service.

Once you have set up your page, or if you already have one that’s fallen a bit flat, here are some easy ways you can freshen things up.


Twitter is not the place it used to be for having conversations with your customers. But you can guarantee if they have something negative to say they are going to start here. Make sure you claim your Twitter handle and post useful content and company news regularly. But more importantly, use it as a tool to monitor public opinion about your brand.

Here’s our guide to getting started on Twitter.


If your business and products are aspirational or lifestyle focused then you could build a strong following on Instagram. This evolving social media platform is giving brands new ways to interact with its client base all the time; Instagram Stories and TV are almost separate social media platforms in their own right.

lf your business could benefit from third-party endorsement then Instagram is also the place to find digital influencers who you can commission as partners for your brand.


This is an image-led, aspirational social network that is search engine driven. It allows its users, who are mostly women, to collect and collate ideas. Businesses need to share infographics and designed images that link back to these ideas on their website.

Pinterest can be a really good source of website traffic. The key is to spend time creating your own pinboards and images with good descriptions including keywords about your business. Brands dealing in the lifestyle, fashion, travel and food industries will benefit the most from this platform.


YouTube isn’t just a social network. In fact, it’s the second largest search engine next to Google. People spend more time on YouTube than watching live TV which makes it a serious marketing tool. Creating successful videos on YouTube is a worthwhile social media activity for any business. No industry is off topic here.


If your business is a place that people can step inside then let them become your personal marketeers by telling their friends where they are. Foursquare is an app that also lets customers rate and review you. If your business is a restaurant, cafe, tourist attraction or activity centre then you need to set up a profile.


Brands keen to put themselves in front of a Millennial audience should be on Snapchat. This app lets you share photos and videos in an informal way. It’s ideal for building a rapport with your customers and chatting on the same level. The type of posts that work best include selfies, behind-the-scenes videos and special offers.

Here’s how to capture your Snapchat audience’s attention.

If you want more advice on the best social media channels for your business then Hampshire PR agency Amplify PR are experienced social media managers and strategists. We can help put in place a plan to raise your social profile and help run your accounts. Drop us a line to find out more about our services.