15 types of digital content to make your business shine online

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15 types of digital content to make your business shine online

An important part of any social media plan is thinking about the type of digital content you are going to share with your followers. It’s this information and how it’s presented that is going to make your business stand out online.

What is digital content?

Digital content is the marketing term for the information you share on social media and your website. In the same way that traditional advertising can come in many forms, so can digital content. So what types of content should your business be producing?

1. Timely posts

People pop onto social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see what’s happening now. Indeed a lot of news breaks on Twitter before it hits the traditional news headlines. Share live updates about events, product launches and goings-on in your business as they happen. You can even have a go at live broadcasts using Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

2. Entertaining video

An incredible 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube every day. But YouTube isn’t the only place that web users watch video. They also pause to look at clips uploaded to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Entertaining videos will get more interaction and impressions on social media than a lot of other content.

3. Eye-catching images

A well shot, quirky or amusing photo will stop people scrolling through their social media feed, giving you time to share your important marketing messages. Just be aware that adding too much text to images on Facebook will trigger this platform’s algorithms and stop your post being to shown to more people.

4. Helpful blog posts

Share your expertise, help solve people’s problems or give them timely information in a blog post on your website. As well as promoting blog posts on your social media and newsletters they can also help to show your website in more Google search returns if they are worded correctly.

5. Press releases

Adding press releases to your website is another way of sharing your news. Promote these on your company LinkedIn page, Twitter and newsletters.

6. Informative infographics

An infographic can be as simple as a designed Pinterest pin or a detailed ‘how to’ guide in pictorial form. Have a think about some of the knowledge you hold within your business. Could it be presented in graphic form?

7. User-generated content

Depending on your type of business, customers may already be talking about you on social media. This called user-generated content. Why not harness their enthusiasm and retweet or share their online endorsements?

8. Expert interviews

Create a series of interviews with your business experts for your website. Customers will appreciate insights and tips from the pros.

9. Twitter chats

Think of a topic that matters to your customers and set up a Twitter chat to discuss it. This kind of chat works best if you publicise it well in advance and create an incentive to take part, like a prize draw for participants.

10. Product and service reviews

Share online reviews of your work or consider whether it might be possible to commission bloggers, YouTubers or social media influencers to review your products or services.

11. Write an ebook or white paper

Distil your technical know-how or industry expertise into an ebook or white paper that can be shared on your website.

12. Record a podcast

Rather than putting your ideas and advice down on paper or screen, change your medium to sound. There are plenty of tips online for starting a podcast and what type of subjects you might like to cover.

13. Run giveaways

Running a giveaway for customers or to attract new ones is a great way to add follower numbers to your social media or attract hits to your website. Just make sure you stick to competition and GDPR rules to keep things fair and transparent.

14. Write guest posts

If you’ve got the knack of writing blog posts for your own website why not give guest posting a try. This is when you write something for another website or a blog to help promote your business. Make sure you do your research and offer the owner of the website something suitable for their readership.


Fun, informative and uplifting quotes make ideal content for social media posts and have the potential to go viral. Turn them into mini-graphics using your branding to keep ownership of the message and attract attention to your business.

Make your business shine online

Of course, there are many more types of digital content that you can share on your social media, website and elsewhere online. If you’d like to find out more or discuss how your business can create digital content we can help.