4 ways businesses can build trust in an online world

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4 ways businesses can build trust in an online world

Whether you’re ready or not, the shift to doing business online has taken a massive leap forward as a result of the pandemic. Client meetings, sales and even contracts are now happening virtually more than ever, with this trend set to continue. This poses an important question for brands: how do you build trust in an online world?

Here are four important areas of doing and winning business that you need to grasp to ensure your brand thrives in 2021 and beyond.

Winning new business online

Trying to win new clients when you can’t see people face-to-face is a reality we have all faced in the pandemic. Networking and initial meetings have gone online, and this will become even more common in future.

So, how can you ace your virtual contact with new prospects to gain their confidence and make a sale? The first and most important is to schedule a video call. Research has shown that people make a better connection with you if they can look in your eyes.

Here are some more tips for those online client meetings:

  • Practice using Zoom, Teams, Skype or another video meeting platform in advance.
  • If you want to share a presentation, make sure you know how to do this.
  • Importantly, check that your potential client is happy to use the platform you have chosen and that you give them plenty of notice about how to log in. They may need to download new software.
  • Check your background looks professional or blur it out if it might cause distraction.
  • If you are sharing your screen, make sure your desktop is tidy and that you close any programmes you are not using.
  • If you are working at home with your family, do your best to make sure you will not be disturbed.

Authentic marketing

We’ve spoken before about the importance of authentic marketing when you are connecting with customers. They want to do business with real people rather than a business entity. This is now more important than ever.

It’s vital to understand what your customers are experiencing and how this may have changed during the pandemic. How are you and your business best positioned to meet their needs now?

With people spending more time online, the information on your website and social media need to acknowledge your customers’ pain points and offer them solutions.

A particular part of your website to review is your ‘About’ page. How has your business been affected and what are you doing to rise to the challenge? Demonstrating you are a resilient and responsive brand will build customer confidence.

Grow your bank of online reviews

The 21st Century has seen a growing trend for consumers to do online research about companies and products before they commit their cash or sign contracts. Customer reviews on Google, Facebook and other feedback platforms impact their buying decisions.

As a business owner, it’s within your power to grow your customer reviews and build trust in an online world. We’re not talking about manipulating what people say, but encouraging customers to leave reviews by pointing them to your Google My Business profile, Facebook Page or elsewhere.

You might do this in a follow-up email, call or on an invoice.

Create videos

Video is not just one of the best ways to communicate your message so people remember it, it will also help you connect with customers on a personal level.

Here are some ways to use video to build trust in your business:

  • Record a video message that introduces yourself and your business. Upload it to your website.
  • Plan a series of videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or the platform where your audience is most active. These could include product guides, your latest news, seasonal tips or answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Run a live online event on your most active social media platform. This may be a step-by-step tutorial, a Q&A session or a real-time look behind the scenes. Live events require pre-planning and promotion to maximise their impact.


Creating new videos does not mean coming up with completely new ideas. If you have a business blog or other marketing materials think about how you can turn these into videos.

Video also does not require costly equipment. Take a look at our tips for creating video content with minimal fuss.

If you are struggling to adapt to digital or build trust in an online world – Amplify PR can help. We are a Southampton-based PR and content marketing agency that specialises in website design and content, social media and video creation. Contact us to set up a virtual meeting.