5 ways businesses can stand out on Instagram

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5 ways businesses can stand out on Instagram

With more than 200 million businesses now using Instagram as part of their marketing strategy, you may be wondering whether it’s still possible to grab your customers’ attention in a saturated social media platform. Carefully planned and engaging content is essential to cut through the noise. But so is brand recognition if you want to build your social media community and convert followers to sales.

Here are some easy ways to make your profile and posts instantly recognisable to your target audience:

1. Optimise your profile

There’s plenty you can do to make your Instagram profile stand out from the crowd.

Add a profile photo that is instantly recognisable and used across your social media accounts. Small business owners should use a picture of themselves – a personal touch works well when your customers will be working with you one-on-one.

Larger and established businesses can use their brand logo.

Next, you need to optimise your Instagram bio. It may only be 150 characters long but there’s a lot of information you can get across in this brief blurb. Emphasise what people can expect from your account rather than your company history.

Don’t forget to add a relevant hashtag. People will be able to find your business using this.

Finally, your website link is key to directing Instagram users to more information and where they can do business with you. To maximise the benefits of this single website address use a link in bio tool to direct people to multiple web pages.

2. Theme your posts

A simple but extremely effective way to make your Instagram posts pop off the screen is to have a theme. This might be reoccurring colours in your images, a common set of graphic overlays or the use of the same filter.

Whatever theme you decide on make sure it aligns with the rest of your marketing materials to build brand awareness.

3. Create Story covers

Add covers to your Instagram Story Highlights using a branded template.

This is easy to set up in Canva and can be easily added to your Story Highlights by editing the cover and selecting a graphic you’ve uploaded to your smartphone’s image library.

4. Use video templates

Canva is also a great resource if you want to brand your Instagram Reels and Stories. Search it to find free, editable templates that align with the look and feel of your business. Here are some more free social media tools for businesses.

If you’re thinking of investing in intuitive design software Canva Pro is a good place to start and can help you produce all kinds of social media content that stands out.

Alternatively, if you want something truly on brand and bespoke – have a set of templates designed for your business.

5. Write engaging captions

Our fifth tip for making your business stand out on Instagram is to write captions that engage people with your profile.

When they spot your image you want them to stop scrolling and read what you have to say because they know they’re going to get value from it. Offer them tips and information that goes beyond a pretty picture or funny video.

Maybe add a discount code to your captions or invite them to take a deeper dive into a topic on your website, mentioning a link in your bio.

Remember, it’s not possible to add clickable links to post and Reel captions. So having that link in your profile or in an Instagram Story guides people to the action you’d like them to take next.

Does your Instagram convert?

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