7 highly effective ways to grow your email list

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7 highly effective ways to grow your email list

A healthy list of customer email addresses is an important marketing asset for any business. If you are just starting to build yours, or you want to add more potential leads, we have some ideas for ways to grow your email list with fun, informative and useful lead magnets.

Lead magnets are bespoke pieces of content that showcase your expertise without a hard sell.

When designed and used correctly, they can attract new customers to your business and give you the power to reel them in when they are in the right place to make a purchase.

GDPR compliant email lists

But first, the most important thing about gathering personal information is that you do it in a GDPR compliant way.

It’s not OK to add someone to your email marketing list if they opt-in or sign up for a lead magnet. They must have the option to receive your content and never hear from you again.

The key to winning them over is offering them something so useful that they simply must opt in to your newsletter or email list too.

This is where you need to make sure your lead magnets add value and help potential customers solve a problem.

If you’re not sure what problems your customers have it’s time to create some customer personas.

Lead magnets for businesses

Here are some ideas for lead magnets that work:


Challenge your customers to take a quiz to find out something about themselves or the solution to an issue that’s been bugging them.

The answer will be one of your products or services through a clever process of elimination.

There’s free and paid-for software available to take the hassle out of creating your quiz and collecting the data safely.


Anyone can publish a book these days and they don’t need to be long. Four pages are enough to share your expertise and give leads an incentive to stay in touch.

Write a quick guide to talk your ideal customer through a process or steps to overcoming a problem.


A tutorial is any piece of content that teaches people how to do one specific thing.

Your tutorial could be a video or a PDF download with a numbered list of steps or things to remember. It could be a simple as one, printable sheet or a two-minute video.

If you think about all the different aspects of your business, the possibilities for tutorial topics are endless. This means you have a long list of ways to capture customers with different interests and needs.


Reports are good lead magnets for B2B businesses, particularly when your industry relies on data, statistics or research.

You can either do the research and collect the data yourself, or you can pull together data from various sources into one comprehensive report.


Running a giveaway is a brilliant way to raise brand awareness and grow your email list.

A word of caution on giveaways is that you may not gather the same high-quality emails as with the other lead magnets in this post. There are professional ‘compers’ out there that will enter almost any giveaway they spot.

To avoid diluting your email list, make your giveaway prize specific to your business. It should be something that you sell, rather than a generic bottle of wine or shopping voucher, to make it appeal more to your target audience.

Also, make sure you have terms and conditions in place to stay within competition laws.

Creating lead magnets to grow your email list

If you would like help to create lead magnets, we can help.

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