15 ways to use a PR & marketing agency

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15 ways to use a PR & marketing agency

If you want to build brand recognition and marketing campaigns that convert but are finding there’s just not enough time, you need to outsource.

By delegating PR and marketing tasks to an expert agency you can focus your time on the day-to-day running of your business knowing that the important job of building a buzz around your brand is in safe hands.

If you’re new to outsourcing and are wondering what tasks you could hand over, here’s our essential guide to how to use a PR and marketing agency to achieve your business goals:

1. Consultancy

Whether you want to enhance your online and offline campaigns, update your brand or raise your profile, a PR consultant can parachute in to offer knowledge and experience to take your business to the next level.

2. PR and marketing strategy development

As Benjamin Franklin once said, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. The same can be said about not having a PR and marketing strategy. Hand over the development of your strategy to an expert agency for a fresh pair of eyes.

3. Content creation

If you are stuck for content marketing ideas or you have plenty but lack the time or expertise to bring them to life, outsourcing will help you get seen in a content-driven marketplace.

4. Social media management

Have your social media accounts become less lively and more hermit-like? Being at the heart of 24/7 online conversations is full on. If you’re feeling social media burn out it’s time to hand over your handles.

5. Handling media relations

If you’re frustrated by your company’s news being overlooked by the media, handing over media relations to a PR agency will help you rise to the top of the news agenda.

6. Press office support

Whether you have a press office already or not, a PR agency can offer an extra pair of hands when the media spotlight is shining on your business.

7. Design

If design is not your strong point and you really need some attention-grabbing marketing materials, outsourcing to a professional is a no-brainer. They will save you time by creating visually pleasing, on-brand resources in a flash.

8. Developing case studies

Sharing your happy customers’ experiences is a brilliant way to generate new leads. Don’t let their stories go untold. Hire a PR agency to interview your clients and write case studies that can be used on your website, in marketing literature and in the media.

9. Copywriting

Have you been meaning to rewrite your brochures or revive your company blog, but there are not enough hours in the day? Outsourcing to a PR agency will ensure the task is handled by copywriters who understand the power of the written word.

10. Website design

Having a fast, responsive and accessible website is essential in the 2020s. If a website refresh has been on your to-do list for a while you really can’t delay any longer. A poor website experience will turn off customers.

Employ a marketing agency that understands how customers use websites as well as Search Engine Optimisation to help them find you.

11. Branding

Does your brand need a refresh? Don’t second guess what will resonate with your ideal customers. Bring in a creative marketing agency to come up with research-driven ideas and roll out your new look.

12. Create videos

Video is an essential marketing tool. It is possible to do them yourself with great results. But if time is running away from you outsourcing to an experienced videographer will give you footage with impact.

13. Event management

Whether you want to attend exhibitions or invite the media to a product launch, a PR agency can handle everything from the guest list to the marketing materials. All that’s left for you to do is turn up and impress your public.

14. Networking

An established PR and marketing agency will have a huge network of business contacts. Working with one gives you access to these valuable connections to bring more leads your way.

15. Training

If you want to do more of your own PR and marketing tasks but don’t have the experience, skills or confidence, why not get some training? Media interviews and managing social media channels is a lot less daunting when you’ve had some expert tuition.

So that’s a quick summary of some of the ways to use a PR and content marketing agency. We work with clients who want help with one, more or all of these common pinch points.

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