What does social media have to do with search engine rankings?

Social media for SEO

What does social media have to do with search engine rankings?

There’s no doubt that being on the front page of Google search results can make or break a small business. But how do you get there and stay there? Having an informative website with quality copy that is updated regularly is key to search engine optimisation or SEO. However, just as important for climbing search engine rankings is your social media.

Why does social media count towards Google search rankings?

Google ranks websites higher up its search results if it believes they are a good source of information. After all, if people come to Google looking for something and only get bad search results they’ll go elsewhere.

Getting your website shared on social media like Twitter and Facebook is an important indicator of your digital reputation. Google trawls social media looking for popular content and uses it as part of its ranking algorithm. Essentially, the more often your webpages are shared on social media, the higher up the search engine results they will go.

So, how can your business make best use of social media in its SEO strategy?

Tips for optimising social media for SEO

  • Complete your profile – first things first. Make sure each of your social media profiles or about sections is fully completed. Be consistent about how you describe your business, using keywords that say exactly what you do and why people would be interested in you. Don’t forget to include a link to your website and your location. Here’s some more advice on setting up a Twitter business account and Facebook business page.
  • Create quality website content – make sure the information on your website is current and that you add new content regularly. A blog is great for this and gives you something new to share on your social media channels.
  • Add social sharing buttons to your website – as well as sharing your own webpages, you want to make it easy for other people to do so too. Google looks favourably on webpages that are shared on social media a lot.
  • Don’t be a stranger on social media – login regularly and interact with your followers in an authentic way. Use #hashtags, ask questions and respond to enquiries. Active accounts are more likely to attract followers and the higher these numbers are, the more favourably Google will look upon the tweets and posts that your account shares.
  • A word of warning – don’t buy followers. Google can see when you have a high number of fake accounts following you and will drop you down its rankings as a reward.

If you’d like to find out more about combining your SEO and social media strategies then get in touch and request a free consultation.