Why creating video content is good for business

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Why creating video content is good for business

Did you know that video is the most viewed content on the internet? If you’re not already using video in your business marketing then it’s time to catch up.

But if the thought of creating blockbusters is overwhelming, fear not. Regular, short videos that speak to your audience, reaffirm their interest in your brand and answer their questions can help to drive sales.

The primeval power of videos

So, what is it about video that is so effective?

Back when we were living in caves, our natural instinct was to react to things that we saw moving – it either wanted to eat us or it could make a tasty lunch. This sparked a chemical reaction in our brains that made us sit up and pay attention.

Millenia later, the same chemical reaction occurs when we see moving images, making video more emotive and more memorable than static forms of marketing content like printed adverts.

It was in the 1970s that video marketing began to reach the general population. This is when most homes in Britain had a television. Over the coming decades buying ad slots during popular shows meant big returns for businesses.

However, today this type of marketing is beyond the budget of most small businesses and audiences are fractured across hundreds of channels.

Story-telling through video today

So why does video marketing still work in the 21st Century? The compelling reason why video is so successful is that people now have a ‘TV screen’ in their pocket – their smartphone.

This is good news for smaller businesses that can create video content for their own website and social media channels for a fraction of the price of running TV ads. You can even make videos with your own smartphone.

Google is also responding to the boom in video content by prioritising them in its search results.

So publishing videos on your business’ website and Facebook page will all help make your brand easier to discover online.

What kind of videos work for business marketing?

The key is creating video content that shows your customers that you are on similar journeys.

As well as focusing on products, you need to think about values, lifestyles and overcoming challenges.

Here are just a few of the videos you can create for your business:


If you would like to add videos to your marketing content Amplify PR can help. We work with businesses to plan and create video content that supports our clients’ marketing strategies. Get in touch to find out more.