Why winning your employees’ trust is more important than ever

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Why winning your employees’ trust is more important than ever

Trust. A five-letter word that’s been leading the news agenda in 2022. It’s ironic really as trust is something few people have in the media right now. Or politicians. But what about businesses? Having your customers’ and your employees’ trust is essential if you want your enterprise to thrive.

Who do people trust?

The Edelman Trust Barometer has been tracking trust across the globe every year since 1999. In 2022 it has found 66% of people trust their boss and 74% trust their coworkers. That compares to 44% believing in government leaders and 46% trusting journalists.

Partygate’, racism in politics and fake news have trashed our faith in government. Meanwhile, we are also reluctant to give full credit to the people in charge of reporting what’s happening.

Edelman has found that while trust in the wider world is diminishing, people are more likely to depend on the community and organisations closest to them.

This creates an opportunity for businesses to step up and fill the void. Your employees are looking to you for leadership in a chaotic world.

As well as identifying businesses as the most trusted organisations going into 2022, Edelman found that 60% of people choose a place to work based on their shared beliefs and values.

There really has been no better time to win the trust of your employees.

Why bother winning your employees’ trust?

Your employees are one of your best marketing assets. If they are on message, they have enormous power as advocates for your business; building your reputation by embodying your company ethos.

Happy employees work harder and talented job seekers are attracted to ethical brands.

On the flip side, employees who do not trust their employer will have a negative impact.

So how do you win your employees’ trust?

It all comes down to excellent internal communication.

Employees who understand and feel connected to your organisation will do a huge chunk of your marketing for you.

Good communication means much more than telling them what’s going on. Have a two-way conversation with your team. Bring them on your journey as a business, jointly defining your mission and setting goals.

As Douglas Conant, former CEO and President of the Campbell Soup Company said: “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

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