Why your business needs a white paper

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Why your business needs a white paper

Is one of your business goals to become an industry thought leader? Writing a white paper can bring you all the benefits of being recognised as an expert in your field including reaching more clients and boosting sales.

This post gives you the low down on what you need to know about white papers, why they’re an important part of your content marketing strategy and the essential elements to include.

What is a white paper?

A white paper is a detailed report presenting research and information about a specific topic. It takes a deep dive into an industry trend, new approach or as yet unaddressed challenge.

What it’s not is a collection of ideas or Q&As that you might set out in an ebook or blog post for your customers. It’s a data-based study that’s designed to provoke discussion and extend the understanding of its subject matter.

This is why it’s such a valuable piece of content marketing for lead generation. It sets you apart as an expert people can trust and helps your customers discover useful information, understand an issue, solve a problem or make a buying decision.

An effective white paper will entice potential customers further along the sales funnel.

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What makes a good white paper?

A white paper requires research, data collection and professional production. It’s not something you can knock together in an afternoon.

It’s also not a pitching document for your latest product. Focus on the bigger picture – an emerging trend or challenge that you can address. If your business’ services or products are the key to addressing the matter, then brilliant. But don’t let them be the focus.

When you have set your topic, plan out the content.

Your white paper needs a report-style structure with a table of contents, summary, conclusion and references. Include graphs, illustrations and infographics to help communicate your message.

The tone and design should be professional while also reflecting your brand voice.

Promoting your paper

Publishing a white paper is not the end of the task. It needs a marketing plan built around it to make sure it lands in front of the right people – your peers and potential clients.

Send it to your client database, create a blog post about it, share it on your social media. Also, promote it in your business networks by speaking at events and sending a press release to industry media.

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