5 reasons why your business needs media training

Bemused woman being interviewed with a microphone

5 reasons why your business needs media training

If getting more media coverage is part of your growth strategy, and even if it’s not, you need to get media training for the key spokespeople in your organisation.

Media interviews are one of those things you either relish or recoil from. But whether you seek out the spotlight or want to do everything you can to shy away from it, journalists have a habit of turning up and asking questions unexpectedly.

Journalists can approach you for good and bad reasons and media training can help with whatever it is.

What is media training?

The most important thing to say is it’s not all fire fighting. Media training is educating your chosen spokespeople about how to interact with the media in order to positively represent and protect your brand.

When should you get it? The ideal time is now – there’s little benefit to asking for help after an interview has hit a bum note. However, unsurprisingly, that’s when most companies start looking for experienced media training providers.

Get ahead of the game and avoid embarrassing and damaging media coverage.

Why you need it

If you’ve experienced negative media coverage after an interview went wrong then you may be familiar with these reasons why training is a must:

  1. You’ll be taught how to get across your key messages in a way that resonates with the general public.
  2. You’ll be talked through the differences in expectations between print, online and broadcast journalists, making life easier for both of you when it’s time for your interview.
  3. You’ll be better prepared for tough questions.
  4. You’re less likely to be misquoted.
  5. You’ll build a better ongoing relationship with the journalist.


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