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Get your marketing plans in gear for 2021

We've said farewell to what has been a turbulent year. 2021 and the possibility of a return to some kind of normality in everyday life and business is a welcome prospect. However, have the past 10 months had a long term effect on the way...

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How thought leadership can give you a competitive edge

It’s rare for a business to have no competitors, so getting the edge on your rivals is vital for success. Thought leadership can give you that competitive edge; highlighting your expertise, making you more relatable to customers and boosting your revenue. Here’s our brief guide...

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What’s the new normal for customer communications?

2020 has been a minefield for businesses as they consider the complex issue of customer communications in a pandemic. No one wants their brand associated with poor messages and inappropriate content. Early on, we stressed the need to be sensitive, helpful and engaging. Seven months in...

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3 clues that your marketing strategy is failing

We’re going to let you in on a secret: marketing doesn’t always work. The important thing is to recognise when a marketing strategy is failing and refocus your efforts before they are wasted. So how do you spot when things have gone wrong and, critically,...

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Why building customer personas will accelerate your sales   

Who is your perfect customer? What makes them tick? And, importantly, how should you market to them to maximise sales? These are all crucial questions business owners need to ask themselves. And building customer personas is the key to success. Why customer personas are important Understanding your...

storytelling in marketing

Mastering storytelling in marketing your business

Imagine you are listening to a lecture. After a while facts and statistics start to bounce off you. But then the presenter says, ‘now let me tell you a story’. Immediately your interest is piqued. Stories appeal to us on a very basic level and...