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Bemused woman being interviewed with a microphone

5 reasons why your business needs media training

If getting more media coverage is part of your growth strategy, and even if it’s not, you need to get media training for the key spokespeople in your organisation. Media interviews are one of those things you either relish or recoil from. But whether you seek...

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Why media relations (as we know it) is dead

The role of public relations experts in media relations is to help brands share their stories, offer new angles on trending news and connect with their customers through open and honest communication with journalists. This has always been the case. But media relations is not...

Female reporter at news conference, writing notes, holding microphone

How to run a successful media event

If you want to improve your connections with journalists and influencers in your industry then running a media event is a top way to get face time with them. However, these are busy professionals with lots of other demands on their time, so it’s important...


5 simple ways to give journalists what they want

Journalists have always been under pressure to tell the best stories quicker and in a more compelling way than their competitors. The advent of 24/7 news has only helped to feed the media’s thirst for the next headline. However, at times it can feel difficult...

Crisis and the media

How to handle a crisis and the media

Just when you think everything is rolling along nicely…something goes wrong. How you deal with a crisis can make or break your business. Reputation takes years to establish but a crisis played out in the media can squash a company within hours or days. However,...