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5 mistakes to avoid when working with influencers

As the world shifts towards online advertising, influencer marketing continues to grow as a tool for reaching new audiences. However, it’s not without its risks. Here are some of the mistakes brands need to avoid when aligning themselves with influential social media accounts and websites. 1. Forgetting...

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How to use Clubhouse to build your business

If ever there was a good time to launch a new social network it was 2020 when everyone was turning their attention online. Timing surely has been an important factor in Clubhouse’s success. Whether it has the legs of Facebook or will be consigned to...

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How to measure influencer relations for results

The world of influencer relations has shifted forward as more businesses move their marketing spend online. However, partnering with bloggers, YouTubers and social media personalities is still a very new area of digital communications. If you're considering working with influencers then there’s plenty to consider including...

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4 ways businesses can build trust in an online world

Whether you're ready or not, the shift to doing business online has taken a massive leap forward as a result of the pandemic. Client meetings, sales and even contracts are now happening virtually more than ever, with this trend set to continue. This poses an...

online PR

Why small businesses should invest in online PR

In a post-lockdown world, it’s clear that many of us will be living and working more remotely for some time. That means more people surfing the internet and browsing social media, and fewer people walking past traditional advertising points such as billboards, shop fronts and...

user-generated content

3 ways to harness user-generated content 

Have you ever spotted customers chatting about your business online? It could be a positive review on Google My Business or Facebook, an Instagram post showing your products or a shout out on Twitter. It's always a buzz to get great feedback from customers. But...