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Hand painting white surface with green paint

Greenwashing: why your business should steer clear

In the wake of COP26 the pressure is on governments and businesses to take action to tackle climate change. This means cleaning up their act and encouraging others to do the same to avoid a global crisis. As if there wasn’t already enough on their...

Trusted PR partner

How do you know which PR agency you can trust?

For an industry focused on reputation, PR doesn’t have the best rep going. A lot of this comes down to misinformation about what PR actually is and a bunch of people flogging ‘PR services’ without the proper qualifications, experience or intentions. The Chartered Institute of Public...

Building brand trust

How to build credibility and trust in your brand

What motivates people to make a purchase or buy into a service? It obviously has to be something they need or desire. But when there are multiple companies selling very similar products and services, how do people differentiate? This is where brand credibility and trust...