SEO written on film slate being held by man in suit

4 ways video can help SEO your business

If you’re dithering about creating videos for your business, delay no more. We've got four compelling reasons why you should prioritise video in your marketing strategy to bring tangible benefits to your business. Video is so much more than a 'nice thing to'. Importantly video...

ethical SEO tactics

Why unethical SEO tactics will damage your business

Have you ever received an email from a ‘marketing expert’ promising you pole position on Google? You are not alone. But should you consider taking up this kind of offer? The reality is this is probably someone touting unethical SEO tactics that could damage your...

Voice search

Are you ready for the voice search boom?

It’s estimated that by 2020 half of all internet searches will be done using voice search. Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana and Alexa are already contributing to billions of searches each month by people looking for businesses local to them, things to do and how to...


6 rules for writing brilliant business blog posts

Making sure your business website is engaging and updated regularly is key to driving online enquiries and boosting your Google rankings. But if your product range or services don’t change that often, how can you keep tempting customers back to your website? Writing business blog...

Social media for SEO

PR is the new SEO

The latest of Google’s search algorithms seems to be the one causing the most headaches for SEO specialists, and this is because it focuses mostly on content rather than technical coding. This is an opportunity for PR specialists and copywriters, who are adept at developing...