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5 free social media tools for businesses

When you hit publish on a social media post you need to know it's going to make an impact. That means creating something that is visually appealing, engaging and lands in front of your ideal customer at the optimum time. If getting all of these...

Woman holding hashtag cut out

How many hashtags should you use on Instagram?

If Instagram is part of your business’ social media strategy you’ve probably got a million things running through your mind. Is there a trick to making popular Reels? What should you post on Stories? And how is the algorithm affecting your visibility on the platform?...

Clubhouse app on iPhone being held up by hand

How to use Clubhouse to build your business

If ever there was a good time to launch a new social network it was 2020 when everyone was turning their attention online. Timing surely has been an important factor in Clubhouse’s success. Whether it has the legs of Facebook or will be consigned to...

Facebook ads app on smartphone

7 reasons why you should use Facebook advertising 

It’s no secret that getting your Facebook posts in front of your customers is hard work. Business pages are subject to Facebook algorithms that suppress the number of people who see your posts and make it harder to grow your audience organically. The only way...

user-generated content

3 ways to harness user-generated content 

Have you ever spotted customers chatting about your business online? It could be a positive review on Google My Business or Facebook, an Instagram post showing your products or a shout out on Twitter. It's always a buzz to get great feedback from customers. But...