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Facebook ads app on smartphone

7 reasons why you should use Facebook advertising 

It’s no secret that getting your Facebook posts in front of your customers is hard work. Business pages are subject to Facebook algorithms that suppress the number of people who see your posts and make it harder to grow your audience organically. The only way...

user-generated content

3 ways to harness user-generated content 

Have you ever spotted customers chatting about your business online? It could be a positive review on Google My Business or Facebook, an Instagram post showing your products or a shout out on Twitter. It's always a buzz to get great feedback from customers. But...

How to master Pinterest for business in 2019

On the face of it, Pinterest is not the most prolific social media platform with 250 million monthly users worldwide compared to 2.38 billion on Facebook. So why should you consider using Pinterest for business in 2019? It's simple: Pinterest earns its crust as a...