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5 unavoidable reasons to redesign a website

When was the last time you refreshed your website? At the pace the internet and mobile devices are developing, four or five years can equate to a lifetime in the digital world. But how do you know when you should redesign a website? After all,...

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Why website speed matters to your business

Milliseconds count when it comes to website speed. Whether you have an e-commerce website or you use yours as a brand marketing tool, if it's not lightning fast, it could be losing you sales. This is nothing new, but there are changes afoot on the World...

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How to write a business blog that Google will love

Google loves websites that give its users what they want. This means providing quality information in a way that’s easy for them to consume. One of the best ways to get into Google’s good books is to write a business blog that keeps your website...

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Why unethical SEO tactics will damage your business

Have you ever received an email from a ‘marketing expert’ promising you pole position on Google? You are not alone. But should you consider taking up this kind of offer? The reality is this is probably someone touting unethical SEO tactics that could damage your...

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Is your website stunting your business growth?

It’s rare for a business not to have a website. But having a presence online is not enough to secure leads. In fact, a poor website could be damaging your business growth by pushing customers towards your competitors. Is your website failing your business? If alarm bells...