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What customers really want from your website

If your website is under-performing and you’re not getting the return on your investment then it’s time to think about what your customers really want. By putting yourself in their shoes you’ll not only find more people visit and look around your website, it’ll also...

Customer got more ‘sauce’ than he bargained for

Food giant, Heinz has apologised after a promotional QR code on a bottle of tomato Ketchup directed people to a pornography website. The QR code was supposed to bring up details of a competition for people to personally design their own ketchup label. However, upon scanning...

Social media for SEO

PR is the new SEO

The latest of Google’s search algorithms seems to be the one causing the most headaches for SEO specialists, and this is because it focuses mostly on content rather than technical coding. This is an opportunity for PR specialists and copywriters, who are adept at developing...